Zoom may launch an Email Service in 2021 to rival Gmail

Zoom may launch an Email Service at the starting of 2021 year. Zoom is already working on an email service product to take over Gmail and outlook or to give competition to these products. Zoom may test their product next year.

Zoom is gear up its service to increase its new service. The zoom video-conferencing service gives 500+ percent of increment of there stokes during COVID-19.

Not many users even know What is Zoom? But in COVID every one knows Zoom and they are starting using it and do their meeting and used for study purposes.

According to a report by the information, Zoom is working on email service to give competition to Gmail and Microsoft. Not only that it also looking to launch a new calendar app. There’s no word on the development of the calendar feature and it’s unclear if work has even started.

Zoom’s biggest competitors are Microsoft and Google, which offers a lot of services as follows –

  • Email.
  • VideoConferencing tool.
  • calendar app.
  • And many more.

While lot company including google, Apple have exted work from home till second half of 2021,it could possible that some companies will eventually start getting employees back at work.

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2020 has been an extraordinary year for Zoom. At the beginning of the year, its market capitalization value was close to $19 billion. It was reported that in November 2020, Zoom’s value had shot up to close to $140 billion. Despite a few security glitches and issues, Zoom has had quite a dream run in 2020. Launching an email service could very well be the next big step for Zoom to take in order to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft.

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