WhatsApp Launches Payment Service in India

WhatsApp Launches Payment Service in India. According to resources WhatsApp started there testing in payment service in India for more than 1 Million users in 2018. WhatsApp finally started to expand there feature for more users.

The payment feature is now available across the country with 10 Indian regional languages those who have a debit card that support UPI, after getting approval from the National Payment Corporation of India[NPCI]. The new development comes after two-and-a-half years of launches the stable and latest version of the app in partnership with ICICI Bank and supported Android and IOS devices.

According to source, WhatsApp is now serving 400 Million Users in the country.(WhatsApp said today it is working with five leading banks in India: ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, the State Bank of India, and Jio Payments Bank.)

WhatsApp Launches Payment Service in India

Users can transfer funds across 160 banks in India using WhatsApp, the statement said.

“We’ve been working on this with the National Payments Corporation of India, who oversee everything to make sure it’s secure and reliable. And we’ve built it using India’s Unified Payments Interface,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

The launch of WhatsApp pay is delayed due to localization norms introduction by the RBI, After that, they have faced many problems from Supreme Court India. WhatsApp owner had invested near about $5.7 Billion with Ambani’s Jio Platforms in April 2020

Google and walmart currently dominates the mobile payment market in India. They together have roughly 80% of UPI market Shares. UPI is the most popular digital marketing in the India.

With UPI, India has created something very With UPI, India has created something truly special and is opening up a world of opportunities for micro and small businesses that are the backbone of the Indian economy.

India is the first country to do anything like this. I’m glad we were able to support this effort and work together to help achieve a more digital India. I want to thank all our partners who’ve made this possible.

When people can access financial tools, they’re more empowered to support themselves and others, or start a business. Long term, we need more innovation that gives people control over their money, and making payments easier is a small step that can really help,” said Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, in a video posted Friday.

WhatsApp Launches Payment Service in India and know How to set up WhatsApp Payment in Mobile Phone.

To start payment service on your WhatsApp, Then you have to download WhatsApp application in your mobile and after that you need to link your bank account to the service. UPI works with mobile number and UPI service is works with all major banks in India.
If you don’t have UPI account with your register bank, you will able to use payment option in WhatsApp pay. WhatsApp pay will create new UOI ID for you. Please Follow below steps to setup WhatsApp Pay in your mobile.

1. Open WhatsApp in your Mobile Phone.

2. Click on the Three-Dot on right side of the App

3. Click on the Payment Option in the menu.

How to set up WhatsApp Payment in Mobile Phone.

4. Select ADD New Payment option from the screen.

5. Read the text above and then click on the Accept and Continue Option to get started.

6. Choose bank from the list on which you have account in it(This should be your primary UPI account).

How to set up WhatsApp Pay

7. After selecting bank from the list, you need to verify your mobile number. Make sure your using the same mobile number which is registered in the bank account and in WhatsApp account.

8. Click on Allow Botton whatsapp will verify your mobile number with bank account.

9. Again click on Allow botton it will send text message to authorization of your account.

How to set up WhatsApp Payment in India

10. After sending text message it will verify with your bank and it will pull your account details which is registered with your number. Select the one you like to finish setting up payment.

11. Click on Done button.

12. Now you are able to see payment option in payment page.

How to Send and Receive money from WhatsApp Pay?

To send and recive is now very simple. The payment option is now shows up directly in the conversation window.

1. Select the contact on which you want to send money.

2. Go to conversation Window, Select the attachment Icon. It is down side of the Window.

3. Choose Payment.

How to Send and Receive money from WhatsApp Pay

4. Select the amount you like to send to the reciver and also you can add note while sending the money.

5. Enter the UPI Pin Number.

6. You will get confirmation once money is successfully sent to receive.

How to Send money from whatsapp

WhatsApp Pay easier the transaction in the people it does not need special app to install in your mobile. To restore the back or recover the file which you have deleted in your mobile click in link you will get all information to restore the data.

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