What is ServiceNow Tool

What is ServiceNow Tool?

ServiceNow Tool supports IT Service Management (ITSM). This cloud base platform which is designed based on ITIL standard platform guidelines. It offers a ticket management system. It focuses on service orientation towards the task, activities, and processes. It provides all the information to the technician for troubleshooting the problem while going for spreadsheets and emails.

What is Servicenow Tool

It is founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy, It is divided into 5 major services which include IT, Security, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service, and Bossiness Management. It is a cloud solution which combines all the above solution within an integrated cloud solution and it keeps records of all data into a single system of the cloud.

1. Why ServiceNow?

  • Here are some reason why should use ServiceNow
  • It gives the user better performance.
  • It reduces ITSM coast up to 60%.
  • It gives you a structured work platform with intelligent workflows.
  • It offers many ways to contact the user how raised the ticket like email, chat and, etc.
  • It will help you to solve the problem very quickly and fatally.
  • No need to do the update.

2. How ServiceNow works?

  1. Reporting Issues – Using an omnichannel communication model, users can create or report the issue they are facing while working in an enterprise.
  2. Managing Issues – When any issue is reported in ServiceNow then it is prioritized according to its business impact and urgency. Then this issue ticket is created with priority P1, P2, P3, and P4 as per urgency and this ticket is sent to the technical team. Users can check the issue or ticket status and track the status of the ticket in real-time.
  3. Resolving Issues – When the ticket or issue is closed then ServiceNow saves details like who closes the ticket, comment, time, date, and etc. If the issue is not resolved then Service Level Agreement(SLA) came into the picture it ensures the support never goes ar astray.

3. ServiceNow used by –

  1. Employee – Users create a ticket for their issue for the technical team.
  2. IT Support Team – Uses it to manage the ticket which is raised by the users.
  3. Admin – It manages all parts in ServiceNow.
  4. Implementer – It deploys additional features to fulfilling the company’s needs.
  5. Developers – Create a new script for new functionality.

4. Product of ServiceNow –

  1. It Service Automation Application.
  2. Business Management Applications
  3. Custom Service Management.
  4. HR management.
  5. Enterprise Security Response Engine.
  1. It Service Automation Application – It is product offers the user and management end-to-end business services visibility with underlying IT resources.
  2. Business Management Applications – It helps you to increase the attention and reduces time in Important work which is beneficial for business. It focuses on the key factor which is important for the business.
  3. Custom Service Management – This tools help and allow you to connect different department which is configured on ServiceNow to resolve the issue of the user. It reduces cost and increases customer satisfaction and improve productivity.
  4. HR management – It helps to improve employee satisfaction.
  5. Enterprise Security Response Engine – This tool helps you to immediate action on the issue with security this help to increase the business.

This tool helps to increase the speed of the technical team and the user’s efficiency of your security response.

5. Features of ServiceNow –

  • Easy to customize.
  • Good support to the client.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Real-time analysis and reporting.
  • Data security.
  • On-demand IT Service Management.
  • Instance-based implementation.
  • Less configuration needed.
  • Quick running in the enterprise

6. How to open an account in ServiceNow –

  1. Go to ServiceNow Website
  2. Click to right side profile which is mention below

What is Servicenow Tool

3. Then click Get a ServiceNow ID.

What is Servicenow Tool

4. Enter the correct data in the fields.

What is Servicenow Tool

5. After filling all data then click on the submit button.

6. One link of activation is sent on registered mail address click that links and activate your account.

7. After account activation sign in to your account.

8 Accept the terms and conditions if you want to read you can.

9. Answer the survey and do submit.

10. After clicking on the submit button you will go to the dashboard page.

11. Then click on Request Instance.

12. Enter the reason to use the instance.

13. Select London.

It will take some time after some time popup ill came and it will show you your login ID and password or you can go to the link which is given into the popup to login into your ServiceNow account and you can change your password.
you will go to the main dashboard.

7. Which ticket ServiceNow handle –

  1. Incident Management.
  2. Problem Management.
  3. Request management.
  4. Change Management.

1. Incident Management – This type o ticket is generated when the user faces any problem which is not planned.
2. Problem Management – This ticket is created for fixing the issue from the root.
3. Request management – This ticket is used for small works or small issues.
4. Change Management – This request is created when some drastic change needs to be done in IT infrastructure.

Contact Us if you are facing issues while creating an account in ServiceNow.

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