What is Edge Computing?

What is Edge Computing? Edge computing is a process of storing data nearer to the edge of our network. where the data is being generated and storing the data on that location while going for a centralized data-processing warehouse.
Edge computing brings data storage and memory calculation near to the device without going far thousands of miles away. This will reduce data usage, reduce bandwidth, increases the downloading speed, increase overall company performance, and save the company money.

What is Edge Computing
Edge computing is developed due to more usage of IoT devices, which connect to the internet for receiving data from the cloud or sending data to the cloud. All IoT devices generated a large amount of data during operation.

What is Edge Computing and Benefits of Edge Computing –

  • DataStream acceleration.
  • Real-time data processing without latency
  • For many companies speed is a very important factor. The financial sector uses high-frequency algorithms. For some instances machines will slow down by some milliseconds this delay will give loss to the company. If the company provides slow speed then customers will frustrate and cause long-term damage to the company. The most important thing about edge computing is the ability to increase network performance by reducing latency and it gives higher speed to end uses. After IoT came the edge computing is using to process the data locally or in the nearby edge data center.

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  • It reduces the lagging time.
  • A large amount of data processing within less amount of time near to the machine.
  • Reduce internet bandwidth usage.
  • It provides additional security.
  • It processes data without putting the data into the cloud.
  • This while reduces the cost of the project.
  • The decrease in server resources and associated cost.

Drawbacks of Edge Computing

Attackers can attack the edge computer from any edge.
It required more hardware to store data near to the devices and that hardware needs more processing power to process data and run its own motion detection algorithms. But nowadays the price of hardware which is using in edge computing is cheaper.

What are the Challenges of edge computing?

  • Scaling out to many small sites is very difficult than adding one single data center in a central location. This increase overload of data which is generated from different locations is very difficult to manage.
  • In Edge Computing if some hardware fails then you have to implement one or more network experts in the location where the hardware failed, this will increase project costing.
  • Hardware is placed in the globe in different places because of This can lead to a greater risk of malicious or accidental situations.

Security and Privacy of Edge Computing –

Now if we solve any problem with new technology then the new problem creates. Data at the edge will make some problems, When it comes to handling different device this is not secure but the edge computing provides secured data encryption when the data is transferred from the device to the data storage device.
All over the globe, there are a lot of devices different devices are using different processing power, electricity and network connectivity depend on the device which is connected on edges. This makes redundancy and failover management of crucial data to process data at the edges that the data is delivered and process correctly when a single node goes down.

What is Edge Computing

In cloud computing data is stored in a central location if a power outage or DDoS attack happens then all uses where affected but Edge computing gives additional security to uses. Hacker or power outage does not damage user data because data are stored all over the world on network edges and if the power cut has occurred in someplace but in someplace the power is still there.

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