What is Cognitive Cloud Computing?

What is Cognitive Cloud Computing? I think you heard about cloud computing and a normal cloud. Now it’s time to know about Cognitive Cloud Computing.

What is Cognitive Cloud Computing

What is Cognitive Cloud Computing?

It is a platform that is based on the Scientific discipline of artificial intelligence and signal processing.

This technology is surrounded by machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, voice recognition, and vision recognition, human-computer interaction, dialog, and narrative generation, among other technologies.

This technology copies the performance of the human brain and helps to improve human decision making power.

Cognitive cloud applications able to run on any cloud infrastructure like Amazon web services, google cloud, IBM Bluemix, and also are available in an on-premise version based on OpenStack open-source software.

It increases the number of software as service-based company business and helps more markets to automate their office by using cognitive cloud computing.

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Cognitive computing helps companies to stay in the top position. This technology improves decision making and customer view.

How Cognitive Cloud works?

What is cognitive cloud computing? It collects the data from different information sources to giving us the best suitable answer. For best answer finding it uses self-learning, pattern recognition, data mining, Natural language processing, and etc.

According to business and analysis, it is a combination of hard and soft skills.

To solve the issue computer needs a large amount of data it doesn’t mandatory that it should be structured or unstructured data.

After collecting data computer refines and recognize data to anticipate probable problem and structure possible solution accordingly. There are 5 steps to achieve these capabilities which are explained below.

Properties of Cognitive Cloud –

1. Contextual – Understand and extract contextual elements like time, process, meaning, and others based on multiple sources of information.

Example – If data may be time, vehicle, road, and members. after giving data to that code. The code will give you a result in that result it will show you the possibility of the accident of the vehicle.

2. Adaptive – In this stage, the code will learn new things and stimuli to resolve the problems.

3. Interactive – In this stage, the machine interacts with the user to understand the problem they are facing and what kind of help they need, as well as it connects with other devices and systems.

4. Iterative and Stateful – If the problem is unsolved then the system is capable to ask the right question to the user to solve the issue.

Benefits of Cognitive Cloud Computing –

There are some of the major business benefits of cognitive computing.

1. Increased customer experience – As IBM did a survey 49% of companies help to improve customer engagement and service. It helps companies to improve customer experience by enabling cognitive applications.

2. Enhanced Productivity – As cognitive computing works like a human brain it helps to enhance productivity and quality of outcomes.

3. Business Growth – As per the study by IDC, 1.7 MB of data is generated by each person on the planet. Cognitive cloud help company to analyze the dark data to identify the proper markets for expansion, new product to launch, and etc.

4. Increased Operational Efficiency – According to the study Cognitive computing technology helps to find cracks in airplane engine blades, improve service on its highly engineered jets, and etc.

Features of Cognitive Cloud –

1. Automated Pattern Discovery – It helps to monitor and analyze big data. it reduces time and cost.

2. Connectors – Pre-install apps like SQL Server, Salesforce, HANA, Oracle, MYSQL, Postgres, and Hive to collect data sources.

3. Automated Machine Learning – Cognitive cloud hosting accelerates the application process in your company.

4. Cognitive & Predictive Apps – It gives a predictive analytics app that solves issues in companies.

5. Real-Time Analysis Capabilities – It stores the data, processes the data, analyzes the data in real-time from the sensor logs, etc.

Top 10 Cognitive Cloud Computing Companies –

1. SparkCognition

2. Expert System

3. Microsoft Cognitive Services

4. IBM Watson

5. Numenta

6. Deepmind

7. Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics

8. CognitiveScale

9. CustomerMatrix

10. HPE Haven OnDemand

Some Questions related to Cognitive cloud Computing.

1. Why is cognitive computing important?

The main purpose of cognitive computing is to simulate human thought processes in a computerized model.

Using some of the cognitive cloud computing features like self-learning algorithms that use data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing.

Computers can work like the human brain.

2. Is cognitive computing the same as AI?

Cognitive computing is a subfield of AI and it refers to computing that focuses on reasoning and understanding at a higher level.

3. What does cognitive computing involve?

Cognitive computing describes a tech platform that combines the below features

  • learning
  • reasoning
  • natural language processing
  • speech
  • vision
  • human-computer interaction

4. What is a cognitive developer?

The cognitive developer creates a program which enables humans and computer to perform in there best level.

The new system which is developed by the developer creates a new relationship between people and machines to generate better results for results in every industry from healthcare to financial services to education.

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