What is Cloud Hosting and how does it Works

What is Cloud Hosting and how does it Works?

Cloud hosting is very popular nowadays, it is available to customers on-demand through the internet. Rather than going for a single physical server with limited resources.

Simply we can say it could be a network of virtual servers that came within the network of physical servers. You can add or remove devices in the network depends upon the need of the website and can be scaled up or down accordingly.

What is Cloud Hosting and how does it Works

It is a set of servers that are spread across more than one server it reduces downtime of servers and all servers are connected with each other it is also called cluster server cloud hosting.

Today most companies are using cloud hosting because of its benefits to users and companies.

What is Cloud Hosting and how does it Works

Type of cloud hosting –

  • Public Cloud.
  • Private Cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud.
  • Managed Cloud.

Public Cloud –

Public Cloud is a service that is offered by third-party service providers through the internet to avail all users all over the world.

Some service provider provides this service free but sometimes this service is paid. The main advantage of public cloud is users have to pay only that money the user has taken plan like CPU cycle, memory, and speed bandwidth.

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Public Cloud saves a lot of money from the company and machine power also.
Some years before public cloud providers have gained and improved security in their network with the help of firewalls and changes in the privacy policy.

Security –
  • It prevents insider and outsider attacks.
  • It prevents data breaches.
  • It prevents unauthorized access.
  • It provides a multifactor authentication(MFA) mechanism.
  • It prevents from Dos Attacks.

Private Cloud –

A private cloud is a type of cloud computing that gives you similar types of advantage to the public cloud. A private cloud is usually managed via internal resources. Nowadays it is controversial that an organization needs to build or manage computing infrastructure itself.

We can take private cloud service from the Service provider. It provides service to users from the internet it is also called an internal or corporate cloud. It provides many benefits with additional control and customization of the cloud dashboard.

It provides security to both users eternal and internal with the help of strong powerful firewalls. If the third-party service provider wants to access our data then he is not able to access our data.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting –

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Pricing structure –

If you buy a hosting form, someone, space which is allocated to your ID is waste and you have to pay full money if you are not using it. But in cloud hosting, you have to pay how much resources you used.

Scale server Resources –

With the help of this, we can manage the site dashboard and let us view our site performance in real-time. We can scale server resources up and down on the spot without taking any approval from your HP(Host Provider).


Most of the users take hosting from the host providers, some hosting providers are using a single server for their client. But in Cloud Hosting does not depend on a single server.

If your server is down due to some reason then your site is offline, But in cloud hosting when one server is down then redundant one automatically makes a handshake with that server which is going down and takes all data from that server which server is going to down.

Availability –

Cloud hosting up-time is more than traditional hosting. It has a high up-time built-in feature, Your site uses resources of multiple servers in the cloud.

If any issue came on any server that server transfer the role to another server for good performance and if your site is very demanding and a lot of traffic coming on to it then the server won’t go offline it handles all traffic or for some time different server balance load with each other.

Safety –

If you are using normal web hosting and any problem came like some hacker hack your site, hardware fails, software crash or system processor over-flow then your site went down for some time period but if it happened in cloud hosting you can utilize the different server for your website.

Fast website performance –

Most of the hosting provider (HP) offers you lightning speed but when you put data onto your site it will take some time to load but in cloud Hosting it will balance the site load in many servers and balance the traffic as well.
In cloud hosting, multiple servers have multiple cache memory to store a cache of the website.

Dashboard –

Previous cloud hosting it is very difficult to manage our website tools. But today’s cloud hosting dashboard is very user-friendly and we can easily take track of our hosting.
We don’t need any technical skills to handle cloud hosting only basic understanding.

Cloud Hosting

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