4 Tips and Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile

Tips and Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile game is the latest game that is install-able on Android and iPhone mobile phones. It is a heavy action game with the multiplayer capability you can play this game with your friends in a single team and we can play this game other players from all over the world.
COD mobile may be a new and difficult game for some users who are playing this game the first time. Those users who are playing the game first time and users who want to improve their game for them have some tips and tricks to win the game and improve ranking.

Tips and Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile

1. Mobile configuration required to install COD –

For iPhone mobile user

  • Required Ios 9 or more than that.
  • COD installed from iPhone 5s upwards.

For Android mobile user

  • The required upward version of android 5.1 or more than that is sufficient.
  • Your phone contains at least or more than 2 GB of RAM.

Memory Storage to install COD – To install the game on your mobile you need at least 1.6 GB memory space free after installation of mobile your mobile should be free more than 800 MB for smooth performance.

For the better and smooth performance of game –
Shut down all background application on your mobile which are automatically started after some time and consume your data plan and consume your mobile possessing memory.

2. Best setting on COD –

  • Using your Facebook login, then it easy to move your account from one device to another.
  • Connect your headphone it will help you to aware what is happening around you. You will able to hear enemy footsteps sound and much more.
  • Increase the brightness level of mobile so you can view proper in-game.
  • Select advance mood it will give you full control.
  • Customize your controls for better performance and speed play this will help you to win.
  • Customize your controls for better performance and speed play this will help you to win.
    You can shoot from different modes in advance setting you can change the setting. you can change how different weapons types shoot.
  • If your device is good and want to fell the game then increase the graphics quality. If you fell slowness issue then put the graphics setting into auto.
  • Don’t run with your friend in a team some times your friend and you also got killed. For a safer side, you go from a different side and kill the enemy.
  • Everyone is thinking that to point is very easy to kill those who are at down but this is a very dangerous place enemy can easily focus all the barrage until you where at the top. In many cases, if you are at the top you are easily visible to everyone without cover.

Tips and Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile

3. Keep on watch on supply drops –

If you played PUBg mobile then you know this thing, In this drop you will get upgraded tools, weapons, etc. Incall of duty mobile beacons that mark the location of class upgrade items in the game.

Best location for loot are as follows.

  • Sakura
  • Killhouse
  • Launch
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Shipment
  • Nuketown

4. Know about each character class which are offers in-game –

Call of duty has 6 character classes. All six are unique and offer you a special ability to play a game. When to use the character and how to use all the characters which are mention below.

  • Scout – This ability gives you the ability to see enemy footprints and help you to judge nearby condition . If enemy is close by you you will get alert and you will also see footprint of enemy into infrared light.
  • Medic – This character is useful for all team member including you. This character given you two type of functions but you have to choose one of them not both. First is you can heal life 25% faster and second is create healing circle that would heal your life and your teammate’s life when you stand on circle.
  • Clown – It allow you to throw the zombie spawning device. Using against to your enemy it automatically self-districts it and damage to enemy or sometimes kill the enemy within its range.
  • Mechanic – This function gives you ability to disable enemy tech within the area with the help of EMP.
  • Defender – This function will help you to protect from ambush attack. If you are stuck into enemy area then it will shield you from coming bullets and give you some time for heal.
  • Ninja – In Ninja function, you can escape from the gun shooting area to a safe area and this allows you to suppress the noise of your footsteps.

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