How to take Screenshot on Chromebook? Step-by-step Process to Take full Screenshot (2021)

To take a Screenshot on Chromebook is a bit different than taking a screenshot on Mac Laptop and Window Laptop. We will let you know how to take a Screenshot on Chromebook in the below article.

Chromebook allows you to take full screenshots or a little portion of the screen portion. Simple step to take screenshots with the help of some keyword buttons.

How to take a Screenshot on Chromebook?

Screenshot on Chromebook

How to take a Screenshot on Chromebook with buttons?

The most simple way to take screenshots is to use laptop buttons it will save your efforts from downloading the application to take screenshots. It is a combination of keyboard keys or power and volume buttons.

1. Press Ctrl + []]] to take a screenshot of the full screen of your laptop.

How to take Screenshot on Chromebook

2. Ctrl + Shift + []]] to take a screenshot of selected portion of laptop screen.

In the second method, you have to select a portion of your screen with the help of your Cursor or mouse. in this case, you have to only select a small part of the window screen.

If you are using any external keyboard then the method is slightly changed, you have to use Ctrl+F5 and Ctrl + Shift +F5, Respectively.

If you are using the laptop in tablet mode and want to take a screenshot then press the power button + volume down button to take a screenshot.

The above will method will take a full screenshot of the tablet in tablet mode. If you need a small part of the screen then go ahead and crop the image.

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How to take Screenshot in Chromebook with the help of Stylus?

If you have laptop or tablet in which you get stylus. then you will get one aditional option.

When you use a stylus then you will get one option in the right side corner inside that menu you can capture a selected region of the screen or capture the entire screen.

How to take screenshot in Chromebook with Chrome Extension?

The inbuilt method of taking screenshots is very simple but if it did not work then install Nimbus screenshot and screen video recorder extension into your google chrome.

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Follow below steps

  • Install Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder – it is full editing toll with the crop, record video from the screen and webcam.
  • Install – Whole and Partial Screenshots, Editing/annotation tools.
  • Install FireShot — Whole and partial screenshots, editing tools, send screenshots directly to Gmail.

All the above extensions are free to use, and if you are planning to take a lot of screenshots then it will give you a smoother flow to your work.

If you guys need more options to Screenshot on Chromebook then please let us know in the comment section or email us on [email protected]

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