How To Setup A WiFi Extender (With Simple Steps)

How To Setup A WiFi Extender

WiFi Extender is affordable but very difficult to setup for this device. Here we will tell you how to setup a WiFi Extender to boost your wifi network or range. Also, we will tell you where to fix this device for good range. What is a WiFI repeater or extender? A WiFi repeater or extender … Read more

How to Change PLDT WIFI Password?

How to Change PLDT WIFI Password

Most of the people use their default WIFI router settings means default PLDT WIFI password, which has some vulnerability or week password. It is an internal setting to change the admin login and PLDT WIFI password. To change the PLDT WIFI password you need to know what is PLDT Fiber. Fibr uses fiber optics tech … Read more