Deactivate Jio Tune: How to Remove Jio Caller tune from your Mobile Phone | Best 2021

Some Jio users want to remove jio caller tune from their network then go through the below details.

Jio offers Jio users free caller tune for their use it’s all depends on Jio users to active or deactivate caller tune.

If you active caller tune and want to deactivate it later then go through below article.

You can Deactivate or Remove Jio Caller Tune using below three simple steps

How to Remove Jio caller tune by using SMS?

  • Make sure you are sending SMS from your Jio SIM card.
  • Open Messaging application on your smartphone.
  • Compose Message type ‘STOP‘ and send the message to 56789.
  • Reply 1 on the same message trail, confirm the deactivation of a caller tune.
  • Once you have sent the 1 message to the same message trail company will send you a confirmation message of the deactivation of the caller tune on your number.

How to Remove jio caller tune by using MyJio App?

  • Open MyJio App on your mobile phone if you don’t have the app then download it from the play store or IOS Store.
  • Open MYJio App then selects the JioTunes option from the menu.
  • Find My Subscription page and click on it, tap on Deactivate Jio Tune at the downside of the screen to remove the caller tune.
  • Click on deactivate the JioTunes and click on the ‘Yes’ button on the deactivation confirmation page.
  • After this, all processes you will get one confirmation message and one pop-up will appear for successful deactivation of a caller tune.

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How to Remove jio caller tune by using IVR?

  • Open DialPad on your mobile phone.
  • Dial 155223 from Jio Number.
  • Select which language you preferred.
  • The Jio will send you to value-added service.
  • Then select the Jio Tune option to deactivate the caller tune.

How to Activate Jio caller tune on my Smartphone?

You can activate JioTunes using one of these easy methods –

  • Through MyJio app
  • IVR
  • Copy JioTune from another Jio customer
  • By SMS

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How to Active Jio Caller tune using MyJio App?

  • Open the MyJio Application on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the right corner of the app and click on three dots.
  • Select the Jio Tune Option.
  • Find the Songs option.
  • You can now search which song you want to apply for caller tune.
  • Tap and change the caller tune or activate the caller tune for your Jio Sim.

How to Active Jio Caller tune using SMS?

  • Open the SMS application on your mobile.
  • Send SMS with the first 3 words of the song, film, album to 56789.
  • After confirmation, you will get confirmation from Jio.

Copy JioTune of another Jio customer

  • Press * (star) before the call is answered.
  • You will receive an SMS to confirm to set the caller tune which you select from the other user.
  • You need to reply to this SMS with ‘Y’ within 30 minutes and the selected JioTune will be activated on your Jio number

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