2 Best Ways to Record Screen on Chromebook

For such a long time people want to do screen recording on their Chromebook but Chromebooks doesn’t support Java Plugins which is very important for famous screen recorders like Jing or Screencast-o-Matic. Now we will tell you how to record screen on Chromebook without the requirement of Java Plugins?.

Google is adding a built-in screen recording option in the coming time for all Chromebook laptops in some weeks. These new options provide users to capture their screen without any additional software or extension.

Google is working on this screen recording built-in option and it’s very useful for teachers and students for teaching purposes in this Covid Pandemic.

We have some techniques or ways which help you to record your screen on Chromebook. It fully depends on you which method you want to select for Screen Record. Read the below article for the Methods.

Best ways to record screen on chromebook

1. Top Google Extension to record screen on chromebook

1.1 Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify is a simple video recording extension that is developed by Google. YOu can capture full screen or you can select a certain amount of portion which you want to capture.

Screencastify all feature is now free with 5 minutes of recording with no watermark and it provides unlock video trimming and export options for free users.

Features of Screencastify are as follow

  • Recording.
  • Editing.
  • Annotating.
  • Storing.
  • Sharing Video screen capture.

I prefers Screencastify because it does not watermark on video.

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Follow below steps to record screen on Chromebook

1. Search for Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder on the google search tab.

2. Click on Add to Chrome button.

3. Click on Add Extension.

Record Screen on Chromebook

4. Find Screencastify Icon on the right corner of your google chrome.

5. Login to Screencastify with the help of google ID.

6. Then click on next.

7. Click on allow the button to give access to the screen.

8. Click on the Screencastify icon at the right corner of the google chrome browser.

9. Click on the Record option to record your screen.

10. A window will pop up asking what of your screen you want to share. Tap the screen under Your Entire Screen to record the entire display.

11. When you are done with recording click on the pause button.

12. Click on the stop button t stop recording.

13. One pop will open which is the editing tap. Give the name of the recording.

14. If you want to trim the video, you can do so by tapping the scissors icon to the right of the video timeline, or by tapping Open in Editor.

15. Once the video is named, close the tab and let Screencastify finish processing the video and saving it to Google Drive.

16. The video is saved in your google drive in the Screencastify folder.

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1.2 Numbus Screenshot and Screen Recording

Nimbus Screenshot and screencast are used to capture the entire web or portion of the window. You can edit screenshots and record screencasts and record video straight from your monitor. It has an editing option which is very user friendly to edit video and image.

1.3 Openvid Screen Recorder

OPenvid Screen Recorder is a google free extension for chrome is available to record the screen in your google chrome tab, webcam, application windows, desktop, and combination of these.

Capturing of video is very simple. just you need to click on the Openvid button to start the recording. You can pause and postpone and resume the recording.

You can upload your recorded video on the Openvid site and it can be ready to share. the website could generate the embed code so you can add the video to your website, and you will also be capable of downloading it in the form of an MP4 file.

There are some limitations the video is limited to upto 5 mim only and it will be available upto 24 hours. But when you share this extension with 2 or more friends you will get free limitless recording and video access without a watermark.

1.4 Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a straightforward screen recording tool for Chromebook that’s designed to help people quickly capture their screens. It is a very easy-to-use interface to work on it and available for free, it is the best screen recorder for Chromebook.

To use Screen Recorder you don’t need to sign in or sign up just you need to install the extension on your chrome and start using it.


  • It doesn’t add any watermarks to your videos.
  • Start recording your screen without signing up
  • Record Unlimited videos with Screen Recorder.

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2. Record Screen on Chromebook without any software or extension

This technique is very easy to use without any software and extension but this feature will come in some weeks upto March 2021 end chrome os update. Google does not mention any specific date. It will come in few weeks before its release but you can try it out early if you opt into the chrome OS beta. Follow the below steps to record the screen.

  • Go to your Chromebook setting – About Chrome OS – Additional details.
  • Under the “Channels” section, change your channel to “Beta channel”.
  • After this, you need to restart the system.
  • After the successful reboot, Open and go to Chrome://flags/#screen-capture.
  • Enable “Screen capture test” from the drop-down menu, then reboot.
  • Finally, click on the Quick Settings menu and here you will find a new “Screen capture” tile. You have successfully enabled screen recording on your Chromebook.

You can use this recording feature.

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + Overview to open the recorder.
  • Select the portion which you want to record.
  • Press the record button to start the recording. One countdown timer will appear once it will appear zero, it will start capturing video of whatever on-screen. A red recording icon will display in the taskbar while the recording is in progress.
  • Click on a stop button to stop recording.

F&Q about Record Screen on Chromebook?

Which is the best Record Screen on Chromebook?

When it comes to the recording screen for Chromebooks, you have a lot of options to choose from. It all depends on you and your requirement that you want to fulfill. We recommend you to choose Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder for record screen on Chromebook it is easy to use.

How to record my game play?

If you want to record your gameplay, you can go for a screen recorder that allows users to record the screen and shoot with the webcam at the same time. After video record, it also provides you editing option. that is the best screen recorder for gameplay recording.

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