MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list (27 Phones): New Features, Release date, & Rollout details

Xiaomi company make a big announcement a few days before back they are going to launch MIUI 12.5 version in a few days. As similar to the previous version like MiUI 11.5, 10.5. MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list is given below.

It brings some more changes in the mobile operating system to added few changes like privacy, and a new MIUI plus version to connect the computers.

Actually, the company has rebuilt the full package from within to lower power and memory consumption of the core apps.

MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list

MIUI 12.5 Features: Miui 12.5 Updates

MIUI 12.5 release date is approx at Feb. MI 11 mobile series will be the first-come with MIUI 12.5 update. Xiaomi has claimed that they will reduce memory consumption by 35%, 20 % fewer cores, and 25% less power consumption.

There are more updates information please go through below details.

1. Updated Launcher Animations

The Animation of the launcher with the folder and other system is improved.

2. Approximate Location

MIUI 12.5 update gives you a better location and good location privacy. In MIUI new update it will notify you when any application using your location service.

3. New Power Option Menu

Design of the power button is improved and a new more function is added to the power menu.

4. New volume controller button update

In MIUI 12.5 update it gives new look to the volume up and down key function.

5. Photo to PDF converter

New feature added you can convert photos into PDF without going online.

6. New Camera interface

In New update, the settings part of the camera is very plain as compare to before complex design.

7. Notification window update

A New notification window or bar is designed by developers and given new options it.

8. Other Updates

  • New QR Code interface
  • New Icon styles
  • New Fingerprint Animations
  • Super-resolution
  • Voice control
  • Bubble notification support (Android 11)

MIUI 12.5 Release Date In India?

MIUI 12.5 release date in India, it’s not confirmed yet but according to resources, it is coming in Feb 2021. MIUI 12.5 Release Date In India could happen in Feb but in few days Xiaomi will confirm the exact date of MIUI 12.5 Release Date In India.

MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list: MIUI Redmi Update

Redmi 7A

Redmi 8A

Redmi 8A Dual / Pro

Redmi 8

Redmi 9A

Redmi 9AT

Redmi 9i

Redmi 9C

Redmi 9C NFC

Redmi 9

Redmi 9 (India)

Redmi 9 Prime

Redmi 10X 4G

Redmi 10X 5G

Redmi 10X Pro

Redmi Note 7

Redmi Note 7S

Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 8T

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi Note 9

Redmi Note 9S

Redmi Note 9 Pro (India)

Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global)

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

Redmi Note 9 4G (CN)

Redmi Note 9 5G

Redmi Note 9 Ultra

Redmi K20

Redmi K20 Pro

Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition

Redmi K30

Redmi K30 5G

Redmi K30 5G Racing Edition

Redmi K30i 5G

Redmi K30 Pro

Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition

Redmi K30 Ultra

Redmi K30S Ultra

MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list: MIUI Poco Update

Poco F1

Poco F2 Pro

Poco X2

Poco X3

Poco X3 NFC

Poco M2 Pro

Poco M2

Poco C3

Poco M3

Poco F1

Poco F2 Pro

Poco X2

Poco X3

Poco X3 NFC

Poco M2 Pro

Poco M2

Poco C3

Poco M3

MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list: MIUI MI Update

Mi 8

Mi 8 Pro

Mi 8 Under Display Edition

Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Mi 8 SE

Mi 8 Lite

Mi 9

Mi 9 Pro

Mi 9 Pro 5G

Mi 9 Explorer Edition

Mi 9 Lite

Mi 9 SE

Mi 10

Mi 10 Pro

Mi 10 Ultra

Mi 10 Lite

Mi 10 Youth Edition

Mi Note 10

Mi Note 10 Pro

Mi Note 10 Lite

Mi CC9e

Mi CC9

Mi CC9 Pro

Mi 9T

Mi 9T Pro

Mi 10T

Mi 10T Pro

Mi 10T Lite

Mi Mix 2S

Mi Mix 3

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MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list: MIUI Blackshark Update

Blackshark 2

Blackshark 2 Pro

Blackshark 3

Blackshark 3 Pro

Blackshark 3S

Which phones will get MIUI 12 Updates? MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list?

To know go to the above list on which 12.5 MIUI version can be installed before 12.5 MIUI update it has 12 MIUI. So, you can check the above list for updates.

Can MIUI 12 be installed on any phone?

Yes, But it on your own risk we can install any MIUI on any phone only some requirement is there mobile should have 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory then you can download any MIUI by cracking your phone.

We recommend you do not root your mobile and download any MIUI update on your mobile.

Does MIUI 12 have Android 10?

We cant say it is but it is similarly based on Android 10.

Which MIUI version is best?

It all depends on your mobile use but according to the report Redmi Note 4, MI Mix, and Mi Max 2 MIUI 9 is the stable version of MIUI.

How many android updates does a Xiaomi phones get?

Xiaomi devices usually get one Android version update but get MIUI updates for four years.

Which MIUI version is best for battery?

According to the use of the user and the health of the battery, we can say which NIUI version is best for the battery. But we will tell your data according to the report MIUI 7 is the best version for battery performance.

Hello guys, if you need more information about this port (MIUI 12.5 supported devices full list) and we forgot something to mention in this post let us know in the comment section.

Is it safe to install MIUI 12 manually?

Yes, but you should have good knowledge about recovery and custom rom.

My personal opinion is not to install unless if your device does not get official update.

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