How to Install Clarity Analytics in a WordPress Blog

One of our readers wants some information regarding Microsoft clarity analytics and how to install clarity analytics in a WordPress blog.

Microsoft team started a new analytics tool that helps you to analyze how many users visited your website with a click, scroll, and heat map tracking.

How to Install Clarity Analytics in a WordPress Blog

In this post I am going to tell you What is Microsoft Clarity? and How to install Microsoft Clarity analytics in a WordPress blog? this is a free website analytics tool from the Microsoft team.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

It is a free tool to Analyze your website. It helps you to see ranked pages of your websites and how many users visited your website, clicks, scrolls, and etc.

Feature of Microsoft Clarity are as follow –

  • Click tracking
  • Heatmap reports
  • Session recordings
  • Users click
  • Scroll of pages

Heatmap shows you how a visitor moves their mouse and where visitor clicks on the web page and scroll the page.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap

Session recording helps you to how many users view your post, On which post users give more time, and what takes them away from your website.

This information helps you to create a better blog for a better user experience, improve website performance, and boost website speed and navigation.

Microsoft Clarity Dashboard

Microsoft Clarity vs Google Analytics – Which is better?

Google Analytics is the best tool in the market because it gives you detailed information about your traffic.

Microsoft Clarity gives you visualization of users and heatmaps and session recording.

Google Analytics helps you tracking everything on your website. It also increases e-commerce tracking, conversion tracking, report information regarding your website, and etc.

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Microsoft Clarity is not an alternative to google analytics for the superior features. however, you can use Microsoft clarity for heatmaps and visitor session recording because google doesn’t have these features up till now.

Before the Microsoft Clarity feature, a lot of bloggers use to pay for heatmap solutions like Hotjar, and etc. now you can get a heatmap for free from Microsoft Clarity.

Bonus Point – We would like to tell install google analytics on your website for a better experience. After Google analytics installation you need to follow our guide How to Install Clarity Analytics in a WordPress Blog.

They both work quite without affecting your website performance.

How to Install Clarity Analytics in a WordPress Blog?

It is very easy to add your website to the Microsoft Clarity tool just you need to sign-up to the Microsoft Clarity site and copy the tracking code and paste to your website.

We will tell you full process step by step.

Signing UP for Microsoft Clarity.

1. You need to go Microsoft Clarity Website and click on the “Get Started” Button.

2. Then you will see Facebook, Microsoft, and Google account for Sign-up.

3. As you click on sign up an account then you see the Clarity dashboard with a popup to add a new project.

4. Enter Project name, Project website and choose a category of your website related.

Note – Microsoft Clarity is not used by finance, medical, or government-related websites.

Setup account in Microsoft Clarity

5. After filling all information you need to click Create button.

6. You will see tracking code click on it and copy the code and paste it into your website code.

Code of Microsoft Clarity

Bonce point – We recommend you leave this site open and copy the code in a safe place. you will need this code later.

Adding Code into your Website

Microsoft Clarity code need to paste in all of your WordPress Websites.

You can insert this code with the help of different methods. Using Header and Footer WordPress Plugin and by manually also. Both methods are easy.

Paste the code in your website with the help of both methods. According to us, you follow the manual steps.

Go to your website C-Pannel.

1. Then find Appearance on the left side of C-Pannel.

2. In appearance section click on Theme Editor.

3. You will see your website code and on the right side, you will see header.php click on that.

4. Find Header and paste your code above the header.php.

Code to paste in wordpress

5. And don’t forget to save your change by clicking on update file.

Advance Tips – If you are using WordPress Caching Plugin, then you need to clear WordPress Cache. This is very important other wise Microsoft will not able to verify your site for a few hours.

How to Use Microsoft Clarity?

Once you install your code into your blog code and cleared your WordPress cache. Microsoft will start recording your website visitor’s session data.

Microsoft Clarity take near about 2-3 Hours to get your website data.

Login to your Microsoft Clarity Account when you will see all data and activity in your dashboard.

Microsoft Clarity Dashboard

You can see Popular pages of your website and Dead clicks it also shows you the number of Quick backs which occurs when a user moves off a page and then come back to it.

It also track expensive scrolling, when user scroll the page more than excepted.

The recording feature shows you a recording of all user’s session. you will get all information like user operating system, device info, and country from where he or she access your Website.

Microsoft Clarity also tells you the number of pages users visited, how much time users give per post, and the number of click user made.

The Heatmaps tab shows you the heatmap of your website. This helps you to see which part of your website is more popular or attractive.

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Final Words –

Microsoft Clarity is a new Analytics tool with some new features. It is not an alternative option to the google analytics platform, it definitely offers some more features like free heatmap and session recording.

New Website owners want to see heatmap and session recording of their site but this feature is very expensive we need to pay money for this feature now this is free in Microsoft Clarity.

Using heatmap and session recording you should able to optimize your Website to improve user experience and boost Website speed.

We hope this post helped you to learn how to install clarity analytics and use it in the blog. If you like our post or any suggestions please comment in the comment section.

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