How to Work Remotely from Home with Windows 10?

Nowadays it is very important to learn how to work remotely from home with the windows 10 setup. Due to Covid lot of peoples are working from home they suddenly required some equipment for work purposes like a chair, keyboard, mouse, and etc. They also adopt new tools which are new in the project. We will tell you how to enable Remote Desktop Connection on your Machine for working purposes.

How to Work Remotely from Home with Windows 10?

How to enable Remote Desktop connection(RDP)?

RDP helps one computer to connect with another computer through the internet or LAN. When you are connected to another PC you can see their computer and their data. You can also access their application, files, and many more in front of your screen. This is useful for IT professionals and business users who must work remotely.

If you want to connect remotely to the Windows 10 machine or you want to connect others to your machine, you make sure to enable Remote Desktop on your system. Follow the below steps to know how to enable a Remote desktop connection.

  • Click on the Windows option or press windows key on your keyboard.
  • Search for settings.
  • Then find System first option click on it.
  • At the left corner click on Remote Desktop. (Home Edition of windows 10 doesn’t support Remote Desktop.)
  • Click the switch to Enable Remote Desktop and confirm your choice.
  • Close Settings.
How to Work Remotely from Home with Windows 10

Note – This step only works on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. If you want to run this on windows 10 home then you will see this message – Your Home Edition of Windows 10 doesn’t support Remote Desktop.

How to connect Remotely to other windows 10 computers?

If you want to connect to another computer then you must ensure to enable your remote desktop connection setting enabled if already enabled then no issue and you must know the IP address or hostname of remote machine.

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You just need remote desktop connection app which is a built-in app in your windows 10 machine.

  • Press Windows key on the keyboard or click on windows icon on left bottom corner and search for a remote desktop connection.
How to Work Remotely from Home with Windows 10
  • On computer field enter IP address or hostname of the remote PC.
  • Click on connect button.
  • Enter Username and password.
  • Enter the details of the user account to use to connect to the remote PC, and then tap or click OK.
  • If you received any warning message about the security certificate then click on yes the connection will est.
  • After the connection is established, you will see a remote PC desktop.
  • When you are finished working then click on X to close the RDP or you can sign out from the PC.

Tip – If you want to control how the Remote Desktop connection works, click on Options and configure the available settings. You can set your own username so you don’t need to put your username when you want to connect with other machines with RDP. Also, connect to only trusted computers.

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