How to Transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash in 4 Easy Steps?

Nowadays near about a lot of people are sending money to a Paypal account so it is very compulsory to have a PayPal account but in some country we are not able to withdraw money from PayPal directly. For that, we have to transfer money from PayPal to Gcash or another wallet.

Gcash mobile application can help us to pay mobile bills, send money and others thing also.

In this article, We will tell you how to how to transfer money from paypal to gcash in 4 simple and easy way and also tell you whatis Gcash?

What is GCash?

GCash is a Philippine mobile wallet, mobile payments and branchless banking service. Introduced in 2004. it is a joint venture between Ant Group, an affiliate company of the Alibaba Group and the operator of the world’s leading open digital lifestyle platform.

GCash was first launched by Globe Telecom in October 2004 offering SMS-based domestic money transfer that does not require bank accounts or cards considering 80% of the Philippine population were unbanked or underbanked at the time. – Taken from Wikipedia.

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Mobile Facilities and Online Banking Partners

With GCash, you never have to worry about urgent money matters. You can send money to your loved ones or make transactions with other users through these mobile facilities and online banking partners:

  • 7-Eleven Barcode
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • BPI to GCash
  • PayPal to GCash
  • RCBC to GCash
  • Mastercard/Visa Debit to GCash
  • UnionBank to GCash

How to Transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash?

To transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash then you have to first link Your GCash Account with PayPal. Also you can transfer the money in any courrency for that you have to read this article.

After linking your accunt to Paypal now you are able to transfer money. Below are some deatils steps given –

1. Open your Gcash application on your mobile.
2. Enter 4-digit MPIN number to access application.
3. Click on Cash In Menu.

Click on Cash In Button

4. Select Paypal in MY Linked Account as showen below.

Transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash

5. Enter the anount in pesos that you want to transfer. Dont put amount more than your balance amount and Paypal have minimum transfer amount that is 500$.
6. Click on Next to continue to transfer money.

Transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash

7. Check and confirm your amount and where you are transfering the amount. Click on Confirm.

Transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash

8. Wait for sometime till transaction will completed. Dont click back or exit from the app it usually takes few seonds for the money to arrive in your GCash wallet. You will recive confirmation after fund transfer.

How to Transfer Money from Paypal to Gcash

9. Now money transfer is complete you can pay bills and send money to your friends.

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Note –

Take note you canot transfer US dollars or any other foregin currency only Philippine pesos. If you have Paypal balance in us dollars or other currency, you should convert it to Philippine pesos first before transferring the money to GCash.

If this method wont help then try to linking your PayPal and GCash accounts again to solve this issue.

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