How to take SnapShot on VMware Workstation?

You want to upgrade your system or server without losing any data or server setting. First, you need to know How to take Snapshot on VMware Workstation, and Taking backup of the server is very important.

Apart from taking full data backup through different backup software go for VMware snapshot. to take a snapshot of your server you need to know how VMware works and how to take snapshot on VMware workstation?

How to take SnapShot on VMware Workstation

What is VMware?

Vmware is a California based company founded in 1998 that provides virtualization of IT infrastructure.
VMware Workstation is a virtual machine software x86 and x86 -64 computers to run multiple operating systems on a physical server or computer.

VMware workstation allows us to install multiple operating systems on a single physical system. It helps the network and system admin to check and test different situations.

Each virtual machine runs a single instance of an operating system like Windows or Linux, etc.

VMware has its own limits, including hardware, operating system and network.

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What is VMware Snapshot?

The SnapShot is an exact copy of the current state of the server which you have taken. It is a virtual current back-up of the server.

SnapShot is very important to restore your Server Setting quickly. When we change some settings in Server and want the previous setting back then this SnapShot is used to restore.

How to take Snapshot on VMware Workstation?

1. Open VMware IP address on your web Browser (Prefer Chrome browser) make sure your laptop or system is connected to the network on which the VMware is built.

2. If your System is not in the VMware network then you need to connect to the network on which the VMware workstation is setup. To know how to connect your machine to the same network you need to know what is VPN how to connect with VPN.

(Login with your company credientials and Then follow the below steps How to take Snapshot on VMware Workstation.)

How to take Snapshot on VMware Workstation

3. Click on VSphere Web Client (Flash).

4. Enter your username and password to login VMware.

5. Then click on login.

How to take Snapshot on VMware Workstation

6. Then grant access or allow to Adobe Flash Player.

7. After successful login.

8. Go to the search bar and type the server name on which server you want to take a Snapshot or find the server in the server list on the left side of the below screen.

How to take Snapshot on VMware Workstation

9. Then click on server name on left side of the VMware Web Tool.

10. Right click on server name and then find snapshot option.

How to take SnapShot on VMware Workstation1

11. Click on Snapshot option and click on Take snapshot.

How to take SnapShot on VMware Workstation2

12. One pop-up option will open and then enter a snapshot name and then click on the OK button.

Note – If you want to save your snap-in VMware memory then do not click on the below option and if not then uncheck the VMMemory option.

13. Now you have successfully taken snapshot of server settings.

How to revert your server setting with the help of a snapshot.

Somehow your activity is failed on the server and you want your previous server setting back then you need to revert your snapshot on the server. Please follow the below steps to revert the snapshot on the server.

1. Open your VMware console by entering your VMware IP address into Google chrome.

2. After that you need to enter your username and password.

3. Then go to server on which you want to revert the snapshot.

4. Find snapshot on snapshot window.

5. Right-click on the snapshot you have taken or go to the Action Option above of the Snapshot.

6. Click on Action then click on Revert option.

7. When you click on revert option then previous setting of your server is installed on to your server.

Note – After any update of software or update os make sure you need to reboot your system and do the same when you made a change on the server.

After snapshot revert activity make sure to reboot your server. Then and then your server will get back to previous settings.

Final Words –

What is VMware Workstation? VMware is a virtual machine software it helps to create virtual machine or computers on a single physical machine or server. Each single of instance run separate operating system with shared hardware.

It is very important to take a snapshot of the server while we are doing changes on the server. If we did not take a snapshot then we have to take a full backup of the server and it takes a lot of space to store the data.

If you did not taken any snapshot or backup of server then you will lost your setting.

We preferred you please take a snapshot before you did any changes on your server and follow the above steps to take a snapshot on VMware Workstation.

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