How to take RDP with LogMein Tool

Planning to take RDP of Users machine you need to know. how to take RDP with LogMeIn tool? To know further you need to know what is Logmein, how it works, and how to install or login on LogMeIn software or web application. Stay tuned with us for all information about LogMeIn.

Having remote access to your computer from home is very time-saving. It is very frustrating that when we leave our office and forget to send an important mail or forgot to download an important doc to your USB drive.

How to take RDP with Logmein Tool

Without Remote access, you have to turn on the car and you have to go back to the office on your computer but nowadays no one has that much time to visit back to the office.

You might think that you need to IT expert to take remote access to your computer from your home, but you don’t need any expertise in this. you just need to give 10 min of your time. you can configure LogMeIn in your laptop or system and it is accessible from any network connection it does not need to worry about any port is active or firewall is blocking our packet nothing.

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What is Logmein?

LogMeIn is a tool or a program that helps you to take remote of any computer from anywhere in the world but you need to know remote computer admin login ID and password.

It is also used by technicians to help users to fix their problems or training tool. With the help of the chat feature in LogMeIn tool, you can talk to the user and convey to them you are access their machine for some purpose.

How Secure Logmein is?

All traffic that is sending from your PC or to your PC is secured with SSL/TLS encryption to protect from some hackers. How it protects our data packet? LogMeIn always needs a Login ID and Password to enter in LogMein site. The password should be strong. If you want to add more security to your simple Username and passwords then you can select RSA and SecurID tokens.

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Some More Security Features of Logmein Tool

  • IP Address Filter
  • Denial of Service Filter
  • Authentication Filter
  • Auditing and Logging
  • Emailed Security Codes
  • Printed Security Codes

How to take RDP with LogMein Tool

To get started you need to set up your account, add your computer to your account, and install Logmein software to your machine.

How to setup LogMein account?

1. Go to LogMein Website.
2. Find Create an account and click on that.

3. Then fill in all details properly.
4. You need to select the option Access computers remotely.
5. After that just you need to enter your email address and set a strong password.
6. After giving all info you will be logged into your account. One email sent to your email address which is register for the creation of the LogMein account from verification.

How to Add computers into your LogMein Account?

After the account setup, you can add computers. LogMeIn support both windows and Mac Machine. You can add as many machines as you want to add.

How to Install remote access software on remote PC?

Each computer you have added to your account has LogMein remoter access software in it. When you add any machine into LogMeIn account it will automatically send apk file to the PC.

The installation process is very easy and fast. just you have to click in entering and enter and after that finish.

LogMeIn Software runs in the background on your computer. after every restart the software started and stops automatically.

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How to access users computer from LogMein?

Whenever you need to access the computer you have added into your account. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit LogMein Website.
  • Login to your account with your credential.
  • Now you will see a list of computers on the screen if not click on the computer option on the left side of the window.
  • If you are able to find a computer on that list search the computer on the search bar on the right top side.
  • To connect to your computer click on the machine name.
  • Put Login ID and Password which you have set for logon.
  • If the computer is powered Off then you are not able to take Remote of the machine if it is online then you can access users’ machines.
  • Once you entered the credential correct you will see the users machine.

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