How to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router? [8 Easy steps o configure PLDT Wifi Router]

To setup or Configure pldt wifi router we need to access Admin access and we have to access the router through an admin web interface. The admin web interface is a graphical user interface used for changing the router configuration. There is also one different method but that method is quite difficult and we have to take access to the router through TELNET.

Web interface is very easy to setupthe router all user prefers use web concle.

PLDT WiFi router need to set Username or Account name

PLDT WFi router has two different account names. The first account name uses the username – admin and the second one uses the username – adminpldt. The “admin” account is limited to changing the configuration of the wireless LAN. This will help us to change the WLAN SSID name and another account with the username – adminpldt is very powerful it has many options to change router full settings.

The second account is disable by default because it can change full setin gof router and to prevent users from inadvertently mis-configuring the router. This could lead to the router’s malfunction or worst, to a total break down of the router.

In this article, How to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router, we will use the real administrative account, if you want to configure a full router then go for adminpldt and if you want to set a basic setting then go for the admin account.

How to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router?

To setup or configure your rouer you need supuer account or full previllage account access for that you have to enable it.

How to enable Admin account PLDT WiFi Router?

To setup full router you need to enable admipldt account for this you need to follw below instructions.

IP Address:
Username: f~i!b@e#r$h%o^m*esuperadmin
Password: s(f)u_h+g|u

Step 1: Open your internet web browser and type the IP address( on the search bar.
Step 2: Then Press Enter.
Step 3: Enter the Username and password which is mention above.

Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router

Step 4: Then, click the “Login” button.
Step 5: Under the Device Management menu, click the “Debug Switch”.
Step 6: Enable the “web Admin switch” by clicking enable button. Then click on apply button.
Step 7: You can also enable TELNET Switch by following the same process and then click on apply button.

By enabling TELNET Switch we can recover our admin and user password if you have forgotten them.

Step 8: After all setup click on Logout button.

Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router

After enabling the admin account of the router, we can now login to the router with the help of login and password which is given below.

IP Address:
Username: adminpldt
Password: z6dUABtl270qRxt7a2uGTiw

After a successful login, the main menu of the router’s web interface should be displayed as depicted in the screenshot below.

Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router

PLDT WIFI Router Setup must look like below images

1. If you are a Fiber customer, your modem set-up should look like below image

How to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router?

If you are DSL Customer your modem set-up should look like below image

How to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router?

Main menu of PLDT WiFi Router

Main manu consists of Status, Network, Security, Applications, and Management.

The Status menu bar contains information about the router means its operating status. Wan status, LAN status, and also Also, the Wireless status shows the devices (PC, laptops, smartphones, etc.) wirelessly connected to the router.

The Netwoork Page is whee the wireless LAN or WiFi is configured. This opetions will help us to change WIFI name and Password and also we can setup LAN network settings.

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In the Security menu section we can set our Router firewall sometimes we need to network protection and it also provides MAC address filter and parental control.

In the Management menu section, we can change our admin account password, and we can also save the router setting for further use.

Generally Asked Questions to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router

How to change PLDT Fibr WiFi password and SSID for the first time?

1. For new subscribers/first-time users, when you logged in to the admin dashboard via

Also read to change password: How to Change PLDT WIFI Password?

2. Why can’t I access

PLDT Fibr routers have different models/units; there’s Fiberhome ONU GPON and Huawei. To access the wifi settings of your router, just follow these simple steps. Press the Windows button + R, which will open the command prompt window; in the input box, type cmd and press Enter button.

In the cmd window, type ipconfig, look for your Ethernet adapter and find the value of Default Gateway with numeric IP address something like 192.168.X.X. That will be the IP address that you need to enter into your browser in order to access your wifi settings.

3. “Your connection is not private” error occurs after entering

If you encountered this error “Your connection is not private” using Chrome, or “Your connection is not secure” using Firefox, just click “Advanced” and select “Proceed to (unsafe)”.

4. How to reset PLDT Fibr WiFi Password and SSID to default?

Find the Reset button on the back of the router and press it for more than 20 sec and then your router is reset and you can use your default login ad password to access the router.

5. If you don’t have net connection follow the steps on below image

How to Setup or Configure PLDT WiFi Router?

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