How to Set Caller Tune in Jio? (5 Easy Steps)

Reliance Jio gives free service to set caller tune in Jio contact number. Jio tune gives over 4 lakh songs across genres such as Bollywood, Regional, International, Instrumental, and Devotional, and etc.

Reliance Jio gives ringback tune for free and Jio offers to switch their caller tune to a different caller tune at any time and with no additional cost. This all says that we can set caller tune whenever we want to set it and depends on our mood.

Jio company also offers you to set caller tune which you like on others caller tune on their connection.

Key Highlight to set caller tune in Jio

  • Jio offers to express your mood through Jio caller tune with multiple song options.
  • Jio has more than 4 lakh songs.
  • Jio offers you to change caller tune any time you want to change.

In this post, we are going to tell you all methods which help you to set caller tune in Jio mobile number.

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Follow the method which you have given below.

Step 1: Set caller tune in Jio through JioSaavn application

  • If you have JioSaavan Application then open it and if not then go to the play store and download the JioSaavn app.
  • Select the song which you like to set as your caller tune.
  • Play the song which you have selected.
  • Click on “Set JioTune”.
  • Click on the Play icon to listen to the caller tune which you have set.
  • Click on set JioTune to active your selected song as your caller tune. (Click on the three-dots icon and select set as JioTune)
  • After this, you will get a confirmation message that your caller tune is active.

To deactivate set caller tune on your Jio Sim just go to below Link.

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Step 2: Set caller tune in Jio through MyJio application

  • Download the MyJio application from Playstore or App Store.
  • If you have the app then open it.
  • Select and click on the JioTune option from the menu on the MyJio app.
  • Select the songs you want to set as your caller tune from the songs section.
  • Play the song which you want to see as your caller tune and set it as JioTune.
  • After successful activation, you will get a confirmation message that your caller tune is active.

Step 3: Set Jio caller tune through IVR

  • Dial 56789 and call on it from your Jio number on which you want to set caller tune.
  • select the song you want to set from the top songs.

Step 4: Set Jio caller tune through copying JioTune from another user

  • If you called your friend and you like the caller tune he has then press * before the call answered.
  • After this, you will receive a message for confirmation.
  • Reply to the message by typing “Y” before 30 min.

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Step 5: Set Jio caller tune through SMS

  • Send a message to 56789 with three letters of the song/film/album.
  • you will receive one message from customer care with the song query and Steps.
  • Follow the steps which are given in the message to set the caller tune.

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