How to get Bob Badge in Slap Battles? (Others Badge’s)

Its ability is bob, We will tell you How to get Bob Badge in Slap Battles it launches a black unmoving figure that chases the nearest player until they die, or when the user uses it again, it has an aura that kills people when they touch it, it can also float which means players that escape to the plate will still be chased.

It matches the player’s speed so everybody, including killstreaks, isn’t safe, it even bypasses the Golden and Reverses glove’s abilities. The figure can only kill one, but it has a short cooldown, making another will despawn the active figure. Climbing a tree will save you, but isolate you, 9/10.

How to get Bob Badge in Slap Battles?

Target Value

2/10, nobody wants to get a figure that will chase them until they die or until the user uses it again, and nobody wants to fight gloves with high stats unless they’re up for it.


9.5, it’s not a one-shot, but it has great stats as it seems to have 60 power which is great with an estimated 18 speed, and it’s an ability that can give many users a run for their money with the fact you can again, slap them in the figure. Stunned people are almost definitely dead.

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This is the only glove with a description under its info, it’s also the only one with its name typed in with a different font.
This is the 3rd glove with an animated texture, the 1st being the Defense glove.
The black figure cannot be reversed.

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