How to Fix Skype for Business

What is Skype for business?

How to Fix Skype for Business? It is an IM (Instant Messaging) software that is used in the enterprise(Company’s) used with Skype for Business Server or Skype for business it allows you to make a call and receive a call from your office and to your office.

How to Fix Skype for Business

How to Fix Skype for Business and it’s provides below feature in it –

  • Make a call and receive a call
  • Make a video call.
  • Chat with you.
  • Remote session of the client.
  • Call transfer.
  • Conference call.

How to install Skype for business –

  • Open
  • Click on the setting option.
  • Select my apps setting.
  • Then select office 365.
  • Select Skype for business software.
  • And download the software in which language you want.
  • After downloading the software install it on your system.

Troubleshooting of Skype for business –

1.Unable to log in Skype for Business Error

Solution 1

When you try to log in to Skype for business after downloading it you will get a pop-up error “Can’t sign in to Skype for Business” to solve this problem follow the below steps.

  • After the error, pop-up click on the OK button.
  • In the username field type ad\username (e.g ad\Djules)
  • Re-enter your password in the password field.

Solution 2 If you log in from Internet Explorer and you are facing the same error then go to setting and delete the cache.

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Solution 3 Credential Manager is a tool that stores the username and password of the user which are used to log in to some website and software. To delete files that are stored in the Vault then follow the below steps.

  • Go to start.
  • Search Credential Manager and open it.

How to Fix Skype for Business

  • Click on the right side expand icon and remove credentials.

How to Fix Skype for Business

  • Sign out from your account and then click on delete my sign-in info.
  • And try to log in to your account one more time.

Solution 4 

  • Go to cmd (Command prompt).
  • Type cmd in the blank field.
  • In black screen background type ipconfig -flushdns.

Solution 5 

  • Check your firewall setting.
  • Go to start.
  • Search and open Control Panel.
  • Open Windows firewall.
  • Go to the Exception tab.
  • If Skype is checked then click on the delete option which is mention below.
  • Then try to log in to your Skype account.

2.Unable to log in the IOS system

Solution –

  • Go to your Skype for business settings.
  • Then go to advance option.
  • Enter your username in the username field.

3.Unable to make a connection

Solution –

When Skype for business pop-up this window “I am sorry, I can’t locate that meeting”  some time meeting ID is corrupted while sending an invitation. Admin reschedules a meeting with a new meeting ID to sole this problem.

  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Select Reset my Assigned Conference information.

4. Video is not working on Skype for Business

It is very irritating when Skype video is not working, Nowadays people are facing difficulty to configure the webcam and Skype software to work properly. To solve this problem follow the below steps.

Solution –

  • Check your video drivers is up-to-date or not if not then Go to windows icon and right-click on it.
  • Open Configure Manager.
  • In the Imaging device open the webcam and update drivers.

5. Sound is poor in Skype

Solution –

  • If the echo is coming then use headphones for proper voice quality. It will eliminate the echo which is coming when the next person is talking.
  • Install device drivers into your machine. Then do the next step.
  • Place your headphone jack into the proper plug of your computer or Laptop.
  • If voice quality is very less then go to tools – options – audio setting – and unchecked the box which is next to Automatically adjust microphone settings.
  • If you are not hearing voice properly then plug out your headphone and restart the machine and then plug-in the headphone again.

If you are facing problems related to Skype for Business then follow below steps this will may help you to solve your problem –

  • Scan your full PC with your antivirus.
  • Update Skype for business software.
  • Update your Windows Operating system.
  • Uninstall your Skype for Business and reinstall it.
  • Update your Skype for Business Drivers.

If you Guys facing any issue related to Skype for Business apart from this above solution then contact us, Our Technical Team helps you with your issue.

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