How to Earn Money from Google Task Mate App on Smartphone?

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money from their home. so here you will get how to Earn Money from Google Task Mate App on Smartphone? Task Mate is now testing in India, and users will earn money from their smartphones by completing a simple task. Google Task Mate will provide access to a variety of tasks, posted by businesses from around the world.

How to Earn Money from Google Task Mate App

Google Task Mate has the task to be complete like you have to take click a picture of a hotel, restaurant, answering survey questions, and translate language from English to any other languages.

This App is now in beta version and it is limited to selected app tester through a referral code system.

This application is similar to the Google Opinion Rewards application but instead of rewarding users with Play Store credits, it rewards them with actual cash that can be withdrawn to one’s bank account.

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According to Google, There are three simple steps to use the Google Task Mate application as written in the comment section by google company. Find task Nearby, Complete task to begin money-earning, and after completing the task withdrawal the cash from your card which is registered.

As per a Reddit post via 9to5Google, the tasks posted on Google Task Mate App will be simple and sourced from businesses all over the world.
The application describes task mate as “Earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone”

There are two categories of google tasks app.

  1. Sitting and field tasks – I think this is the first category you can complete your task from your home.
  2. Outdoor task – According to us, you need to outside to complete this task. The main and good thing is the user does not need to travel a lot of tasks is related to a nearby location.

The application shows the amount of money he or she gets after completing the particular task. After completing the task the reward is directly stored in your google account which is used to login into the application. If you want to transfer your money to your bank you will need to do is link your E-wallet to your account.

There are more options in the application to check various detailed information. This includes approved payment, pending payments, total money earned, user level, number of tasks done, accuracy level, umber of tasks under review, and number of tasks correctly done. Google is using this data to improve its business listings.

How to Earn Money from Google Task Mate App on Smartphone ?

1. It is very simple to earn money. Users need to search for tasks nearby and choose which one user would like to complete.

2. The tasks themselves can either be something from one of Google’s businesses around the world, or from Google itself.

3. The business task can either be a sitting task or a field task. if it is a sitting task then you don’t need to go outside your home and if it is a field task then you need to go outside of your home.

4. Google requests are based on their own services. like take a photo of the shop, translate the sentence, and etc.

5. As of now there is no time limit to complete the task.

6. when the task is completed users can take their money by transfer your amount to your bank.

Google Task Mate App in India

It is very unclear how businesses are outlining their request to google. It is also not clear it is just a publicity stunt or businesses are paying the tech giants.

It is not fixed google is paying users in dollars but after full released google can change payments into rupees.

Someone could critique that this is a gathering the information technique by google. but google is already collecting information – regarding google task mate. At least this time google will pay for these tasks.

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