How to Change JioFi WiFi Password? [2 Easy methods to Change JioFi Password]

JioFi router gives internet access to other devices but in some cases, online problems may occur. that’s why we must Change JioFi WiFi Password after every 20 days.

JioFi is a portable WIFI hotspot that offers the user the internet from anywhere with aggressive data packages at lucrative price offers. We can put the Jio sim card into the JioFi router. We can connect multiple devices to JioFi devices. From JioFi devices we can access the internet from our devices.

If a lot of devices are connected to the JioFi router there is some risk of security or someone can access your other device and get your personal data to avoid this you need to give the password to your trusted user and do change your wifi password after every 20 days.

You can set your password between 8-32 characters and it can include alphabets, special char, and numbers. Set the password which is unpredictable.

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How to Change JioFi WiFi Password?

To change your JioFi password you need to first turn on your router and then connect your device to it.

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Method 1: Change JioFi WiFi password from Website.

1. Connect your device to the JioFi router to change the password. This can be done by going to the setting and find WIFI and connect to JioFi wifi.
2. Then open your mobile or laptop browser and enter URL http://jiofi.local.html or

3. This website and IP address will take you to the setting of the JioFi Router.
4. Now login to the JioFi router with your admin account credentials.
5. Username – administrator and Password – administrator

6. You might be prompted to change the default administrator password. You can do this by clicking on OK.
7. To change the Wifi Password click on Network -Wifi Configuration-Security Key.
8. Put the password which you want.

How to Change JioFi WiFi Password

9. You can also change the WIFI name.
10. Click on the Setting go to the WIFI option. Change the WiFi Name in Network Name SSID Field.

How to Change JioFi WiFi Password

Method 2: Change JioFi WiFi password from MyJio App.

  • Open your MyJio Application. if you don’t have this app go to the play store or Apple App Store and download the MYJio app.
  • Login to the MyJio app with the help of your Jio ID or your mobile number.
  • Now have to turn on your JioFi router and connect to your Device.
  • Open your MyJio app and find the My Deice Section you will find this option at the bottom of the app.
  • Click on the setting button at the top right corner and click on the change password option given below the SSID. (If you don’t know SSID and password, you will get this information under the battery or at the top of the box).
  • Now enter the password which you want to set and click o submit button to change the JioFi password.

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How to change JioFi Router Username and Password?

  • Go to Settings of JioFi Router.
  • Click on User Management.
  • Change Username and Password which you want to set.
How to Change JioFi WiFi Password

If this above two methods wont work to change JioFi WiFi password please let us know we will try to publish updated method to change JioFi WiFi password.

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