How to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go? with 3 Interesting steps

Smeargle, The Pokemon is missing for a long time in pokemon go players Pokedex now it’s available to catch Smeargle in the mobile games. you need to follow the given instruction to catch Smeargle. Just you have to open your pokemon go snapshot feature.

If you’re wanting to catch Smeargle in pokemon go. So, don’t worry it has a very simple answer go and find him in the wild place.

How to Catch Smeargle in Pokemon GO?

Guys you have to follow below steps without fail or miss.

catch Smeargle
  • Go to Pokemon Go Pokedex and look at any pokemon.
  • Click on the Camera option on the right top.
  • Start taking photos of the pokemon.
  • Note – Smeargle will move off the exact pokemon you’re taking a picture of.
  • When you are done with taking pictures then close the tab.
  • Check the photos you have taken and look for Smeargle. The Smeargle will block your original photos or When navigating through your photos in the menu with the yellow background, Smeargle may have photobombed it.
  • If Smeargle isn’t in any of your photos, repeat steps 1-5
  • If Smeargle comes to screenshot then get ready to capture Smeargle it will appear as a wild Pokemon in the world around you.
  • Be noted Smeargle will also run like other Pokemon. So, put your best Pokemon to battle with him.

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Some Tips and Tricks to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go

There are some important points for catching Smeargle in Pokemon Go.

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  • You can only catch only one Smeargle one at a day not more than that. It automatically resets after Midnight.
  • You do not need AR+ to catch Smeargle.
  • Smeargle will appear in the first photos if you did not get it then go away and try after some time.
  • We don’t know when pokemon will appear so we will tell you to repeat the process until the pokemon catches.
  • Use strong Pokemon to battle with Smeargle. Smeargle will copy the movements so try big and best Pokemon for battle with Smeargle.
  • Smeargle cannot copy Transform from Ditto, nor can it learn two Charged moves.
  • After catching Smeargle it will open a new cameraman badge.
  • Smeargle will stay in the wild for an hour before disappearing.
  • Smeargle can go away from us so throw some Razz barries if you are the first one to catch.

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