Why and When Google Fi pushes back Hangouts shutdown by 2 months?

As we are using Hangout, for now, Google announced in November that google phase out the messaging(Google Fi pushes back Hangouts) service on FI, So MVNO subscribers should try to switch to message as quickly as possible.

When the announcement is done last year, Google gives FI subscribers about two months to switch to the message. Now google decided and give more time to the user to switch from google FI, As per a report by 9to5google.com

When Google Fi pushes back Hangouts shutdown?

According to the report google shutdown, down the hangout application service but google give some time to revert their data from their hangout account.

According to Hangouts’ support page for Google Fi, the messaging service will now be shut down starting March 2021. Once the phasing out process starts, users will no longer be able to send or receive text messages, as well as make or receive voice calls and voicemail.

Also, the Hangout team provided them with a step-by-step guide to users that helps to easier transmit their messages.

  • First, make sure you have downloaded messages from the play store.
  • Then make the messaging app your default application for SMS service.
  • And please follow the steps which are provided by the application for your phone.

If you don’t switch your data from hangout to messages then it will be permanently deleted and you will never get the backup option.

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Last but not least, those who wish to transfer or sync their Hangouts text messages can do so until September 30, 2021, so even after the service was shut down, these messages can still be transferred to Messages if you want to.

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