COD Mobile: How to get Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2?

To get Relentless Medal in call of duty Mobile just follow the steps in this article. In call of duty game, there is a total of 85 medals. 43 medals in the multiplayer mode, 27 medals in the BR mode, and 16 medals in the zombie mode, where Relentless is one of the medial.

The Relentless medal is one of the Multiplayer mode medals that players can earn.

CPD mobile is a very highly competitive game in the BR genre that has archived some remarkable feasts. The gaming company offers an HD quality gaming experience on your mobile.


  • Play in Multiplayer mode.
  • Select a loadout of choice.
  • Select any map game mode.
  • Get 15 Kills to earn the medal.

What is Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

If you earned this medal then it’s the impact on your profile and ranking in matchmaking on call of duty mobile game. The Relentless medal comes in multiplayer battle challenges and you can win this medal by kill streak.

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How to get Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

We will get Relentless medal when our killstreak is more and also we have to complete particular missions.

Follow the given steps to get medal.

1. Player have to select Multiplayer mode with your team, In Team may contain your friend or random players.

2. In team you may survive more to get 20 kills in a row.

3. They must equip their preferred loadout.

4. Select the map for multiplayer battle and lets began the game.

5. To get the Relentless Medal, you must kill 20 enemies without dying.

Call Of Duty Medals

  • Nuclear Killer – Use a Nuclear Bomb to kill enemies.
  • Ultimate Terminator – Activate the Nuclear Bomb.
  • Brutal – Killed 25 enemies without dying.
  • Relentless – Killed 20 enemies without dying.
  • Ruthless – Killed 15 enemies without dying.
  • Merciless – Killed 10 enemies without dying.
  • Bloodthirsty – Killed 5 enemies without dying.
  • Berserker – Killed 3 enemies without dying.
  • Super Kill – Killed 6 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Frenzy Kill – Killed 5 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Fury Kill – Killed 4 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Triple Kill – Killed 3 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Double Kill – Killed 2 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Collateral – Kill multiple enemies with one shot.
  • Scrapped – Destroyed an enemy Sentry Gun.

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  • Kingslayer – Killed the enemy who had the highest score.
  • Survivor – Killed the enemy who had the highest score.
  • Comeback – Killed enemy after you died 3 or more times without getting a kill.
  • First Blood – Get the first kill in an MP match.
  • Back Stabber – Killed an enemy from behind with an equipped melee weapon.
  • Avenger – Killed an enemy who recently killed a teammate.
  • Savior – Killed an enemy who was injuring a teammate.
  • Headshot – Killed an enemy by shooting them in the head.
  • Crackdown – Killed an enemy with a Sentry Gun.
  • Raining Death – Killed an enemy with a Predator Missle.
  • Bull’s Eye – Killed an enemy with the Hunter Killer Drone.
  • Revenge – Killed the enemy who killed you.
  • Knockout – Killed a player by a melee attack.
  • Long Shot – Killed an enemy with a long-distance shot.
  • One-Shot, One Kill – Killed an enemy with one shot.
  • Sweep The Board – Win a game with more than 10 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Getting Good At This – Win a game with a kill count between 5 and 9. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Gun Master – Kill count is over 8. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Damage Dealer – Deal more than 500 damage in a match. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Edge Out – Win a game with no more than 4 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Eagle Eye – Kill an enemy further than 75 meters without using a scope. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Marathon – Run more than 2000 meters. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Medic – Recover more than 200 HP. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Lady Luck – Pick up at least 5 high-rarity items. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Optometrist Visit – Weapon accuracy lower than 30%. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Nuclear – Kill 30 enemies without dying.
  • Kill Chain – Killed more than 8 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Ultra Kill – Killed 8 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Unstoppable – Awarded for every kill after 30 without dying.
  • Mega Kill – Killed 7 enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Popcorn – Killed 2 or more enemies with a single Grenade.
  • Giant Killer – Destroyed an enemy VTOL.
  • Rejected – Destroyed enemy’s, Hunter Killer Drone.
  • Fuzz Buster – Destroyed an enemy Counter-UAV.
  • Blackout – Destroyed enemy’s UAV.
  • Prop Hunter – Kills after first prop kill in a match.
  • First Kill – First prop kill in a match.
  • Deadshot – Killed 5 or more enemies with headshots. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Road Rage – Killed more than 4 enemies with a vehicle. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Melee Master – Killed 4 or more enemies with a melee weapon. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Kill Thief – Kill 4 or more enemies downed by another team. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Good Aim – Kill more than 2 enemies with a grenade. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • I am Back – Kill more than 4 enemies with a shotgun. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Worm – Stay prone for more than 180 seconds. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Floater – Swim for more than 500 meters. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Never Give Up – Get knocked down more than 3 times. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Born To Win-Win a Duo or Squad match with 0 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Pacifist – Rank in the top 10 with 0 kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Life Saver – Revive teammates 4 or more times. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Fully Armed – Equipped the highest level Armor and Attachments on Weapons. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • War Reporter – Survive for a long time with no damage, no healing, no revives, and no kills. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Blindman – Finish a game with less than 10% weapon accuracy.
  • Spicy Landing – Die within 120 seconds after landing. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • Mistakes Were Made – Welcome to the Afterlife. (Excluding Warfare Mode).
  • My Back Hurts – Cause the most damage in a group.

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