Tips and Tricks for free PUBG Mobile UC

Are you a Pubg player and want some free PUBG Mobile UC and Royal Pass? So you are in right place. We have researched everything about free UC and Royal Pass for you. Now in this post, we will share with you Tips and Tricks for free PUBG mobile UC.

To buy the UC currently, you have to spend more money from your bank account or credit cards. When you acquire the UC, you can spend it to buy the outfits, the elite pass, the vehicle skins, and much, much more. But is very expensive not everyone will spend money on skins and all.

free PUBG Mobile UC

So, we will tell you about some tips and tricks for free Pubg mobile UC to buy new skins of guns and vehicles.

What is Pubg mobile?

PUBG mobile is the world’s most famous game. There are 500 million players of PUBG mobile all around the world. From PUBG you can earn money by streaming on youtube and also you can buy new skins for clothes, guns, and many more. To buy this item for your players you need money, not actual manny but in-game you need UC it means Unknown cash.

What is PUBG UC?

UC is in-game cash. you can earn it by completing some task but it is very hard to earn and a lot of many game player is not very rich to buy UC for the game.

free PUBG Mobile UC

So, we have come with tips and tricks for free PUBG mobile UC. Don’t worry guys all the below ways are full and 100% legal and safe for your account and you. Your account won’t get blocked by following the below steps.

Top Tips and Tricks for free PUBG Mobile UC

Get Free PUBG Mobile UC by downloading applications

In the Market, there are many more applications to earn money like Zupee Gold. You need to install the application on your mobile and just answer a few simple questions to get money in your account. To buy Free PUBG mobile UC you can also convert or put your money into a Paytm wallet.

This is a trick now you can try and download new apps from which you can earn money. you need to do follow the simple steps that are given by the app and earn money into your Paytm wallet.

Google PlayStore gift cards to get free PUBG mobile UC

Google PlayStore gift cards to get free PUBG mobile UC

In Playstore there is much application like AppKarma. AppKarma gives you rewards. first, you have to register yourself into the app and choose the task you can complete in time and complete the task which you have selected. After completion of a task, you will get the reward. This reward can be used to purchase google play gift cards and also you can buy PUBG UC without using your money.

Online Survey

An application like Google Opinions Rewards offers free cash to users for filling some online surveys form. Users need to do answer the question in proper form and money will get credited into the user account, money amount depends on the user’s answer given.

Tip – Always carefully read and understand the question and then answer the question in a proper way.

Applications for online Survey –

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Swagbucks

Elite Royale Pass to get free PUBG mobile UC

Elite Royale pass is the best way to earn Free PUBG mobile UC. You can earn up to 600UC when you completed the RP mission. I will tell you secretly but you need to pay some amount in the PUBG game you have to buy Elite Royal Pass.

Once you get Elite Royal Pass then complete all RP missions. The cost of an elite royal pass is near about 600UC, You can earn all the amount which you have to spend to get a royal pass or just follow the above steps and get points and earn your Free Pubg mobile UC.

Google Play Free Credit for free PUBG mobile UC

Google sends some free google play credit to some random users at random basics. You can also use this free credit to buy Free PUBG mobile UC. You can choose an amount as per your wish to see the google play credit amount deducted from the payment.

Get free PUBG mobile UC from Flipkart

If you are using Flipkart frequently or you are buying products from Flipkart on frequently basics then I have a good deal for you to get a free royal pass from Flipkart.

When you buy any product from the Flipkart app then you will get super coins that super coins use to redeem various premium services like an online subscription of various paid services including PUBG UC that you can use to get a royal pass.

Some Related Question and Answer

How To Get PUBG Mobile 100 uc For Free?

  • First, you have to Download VPN which provides You To Connect Israel Region. (VyprVPN Recommended, Other free VPN like tunnelbear , Snapvpn, cisco anyconnect you can check)
  • Open the PUBG Mobile game on your mobile phone.
  • Go to event options.
  • Then Click on Returner.
  • Now Goto the Return Gift Pack option.
  • Click On Collect Option.
  • You will Get an M416 Skin, 100 UC, Backpack skin, a Girl Dress and 5 premium create.

How can i get unlimited UC in PUBG mobile?

The PUBG mobile UC generator is one of the most used ways of getting access to unlimited UC in the PUBG Mobile game.

All you need to do enter your details of your account, like your username, userID, and and the platform you are currently using to play PUBG Mobile. After sometime PUBG Mobile UC generator will send UC on your PUBG mobile application account.

PUBG Mobile UC generator is leagal or not?

No, the PUBG Mobile UC generator is not a legal method of getting UC in the game. The third-party UC generator websites promote hacks, which are strictly prohibited by the official PUBG Mobile team. We will warn you this method will ban your account permanently.

How do you beat PUBG UC?

To beat PUBG UC, you need to login or sign up to Idle empire site and you wil get all detailed information to beat PUBG UC.

How do I get 8000 UC in PUBG?

  • Let’s start first I would like to tell you that the Google Play store offers rewards to random users at a random time. This is the main criteria if you got this offer then you are eligible for it.
  • If you don’t get this offer then try this with your other temp account means email address and you will find the redeem option.
  • After adding just go to the google opinion rewards app
  • Go to the open option.
  • Then click on the Skip option.
  • Open the application login with an email address from which you have to redeem.
  • Accept all notification pop-ups.
  • Give proper details of which application required.
  • But be careful while filling in the postal code and country. It has to be 10010 in the postal code and the United States.
  • After all, details filled then go to PUBG mobile app login with the same email address.
  • Click the option ADD UC then click on 8000 UC and the page will take you to the payment options. you will see you have zero balance.
  • Enter your email address and password and click on OK.
  • Click on the NO option.
  • You will see payment successful and refresh your page and use your 8000 UC. If you don’t have rewards in the play store then you cant access them.

Can i hack UC in PUBG?

Yes, You need to add a chrome extension to your google chrome software in your system. Hack Pubg mobile UC cash and free guns skins.

First PUBG Mobile free hack UC is now working on google application. NOw you can get unlimited UC for PUBG mobile by downloading UC hack chrome app.

This Tool is very simple to use. Please follow the below steps

  • Download Pubg mobile UC hack app 2021 $99999 cash chrome extension / Use our web server for direct UC hack.
  • Enter your PUBG mobile user ID.
  • Click on the CONTINUE button.
  • Wait for 2-5 minutes for software processes to connect and modify game data in the PUBG server
  • Open Your game.
  • Check and collect UC.

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Note – Dont hack the game, try to win without hack. this trick is for study purpose.

Can I get free UC in PUBG?

Yes, Go through the above details and get free PUBG mobile UC.

Can we convert BP to UC in PUBG?

Tencent game company is soon expected to release the latest version of the game. according to Mr. Ghost Gaming, will bring the ability for players to convert BP (Battle Points) to UC (Unknown Cash).

This feature is delayed due to some reason. now it is going to release this feature provides players to convert their BP to UC will allow users or players to buy new skins and outfits.

If you need help to get a free PUBG mobile UC please contact us by sending us mail or commenting on below.

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